Storage Silos

Personalised solutions for storing products in granulated or powder form.
POWDER DS offers 2 types of silos:

Added value


POWDER DS carries out a personalised study of the client’s needs, offering the best storage, dosing and conveying solutions based on 30 years of experience.
The product to be stored, location of the installation (indoor or outdoor), weather conditions and systems for extracting and conveying the ingredients, are the main factors conditioning the POWDER DOSING SYSTEM, which are evaluated to propose the best solution for clients.
The technology of POWDER DS enables different systems for loading and unloading the silos to be applied, as well as interconnecting the different equipment or subsequent production processes. Systems are also incorporated to avoid product deterioration.
Optionally, POWDER DS can implement a weighing control system for the different models of silos.

imagen producto POWDER DS Silos de almacenamiento SITGES
imagen producto POWDER DS Silos de almacenamiento SITGES
ST Series

Trevira Fabric Silos

POWDER DOSING SYSTEMS offers the option of installing a Trevira fabric silo, which among its main characteristics is that it can be installed inside the enclosure. Trevira fabric is a high-performance material, outstanding for being porous, anti-static and very tough. Therefore, a separating filter is not necessary.
Trevira fabric silos have a metal tube structure that support the silo. The structure is modular, facilitating assembly and implementation of the installations.

SM Series

Stainless Steel Silos

POWDER DOSING SYSTEMS offers stainless steel silos in any size, according to the client’s needs. Stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316), certified for food industry use, offers great advantages for the bakery, confectionery and pasta sectors. One of the most important characteristics is the flexibility of the silo, as thanks to its resistance to environmental conditions, it can be installed outdoors as well as indoors. Moreover, it offers the option of thermally insulating part or all of the silo.


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