DMM-PRO Series

Micro Ingredients-PRO Dosing Unit

Hermetic, modular and expandable units for automatic dosing of micro and small ingredients in powder and granulated form for recipes. The DMM-PRO series are ideal for companies that produce over 10 batches/hour.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions of the installation
  • L: 2.000 mm
  • W: 2.400 mm
  • H: 1.200 mm
Presicion per ingredient

≤ 2 gr

Capacity of the hoppers

10-60L depending on the quantity to be dosed


10 Badges/hour

Power consumption

7 kW

1. Increased productivity

Automating a manual process that involves dosing of up to 10 ingredients, speeds up the process and enables workers to do other tasks. Additionally, the centralised weighing system enables rapid dosing of the complete recipe. Moreover, this centralised system significantly reduces the total time of the process, increasing the number of weighings per hour.

2. Modular and compact design

The modular design of the DMM allows it to be adapted to the client’s needs, both in the number of ingredients to dose (2 – 10) as well as the type of extraction of the recipe and the system for filling the tanks. Its design also allows easy dismantling for cleaning and maintenance. Being compact and mobile helps for storage and transport in the plant where it is located.

3. Automation of recipes

The POWDER DS micro ingredient dosing unit enables you to record, with restricted access, up to 999 different recipes and the dosing cycles in its automated management system. Using the touchscreen, the operator can manage the recipe to be used. It is also possible to control history, traceability, alarms and it has a remote control system and connection to a computer.

4. Improved quality

The dosing precision of the DMM, up to ≤ 2 gr per ingredient, implies improved quality in the final product as well as savings in the management of ingredients, as dosing errors are avoided.

Added value


The tanks can be loaded manually, due to the small amounts of different ingredients in the recipes or loaded automatically, by a pneumatic system.

The equipment has several tanks (2-10) for storing the ingredients, the dosing system of each tank doses the specified amount in each formula to a central tank with a precision of ≤ 2 gr with a weighing system. Extraction from the tank adapts to the production process requirements thanks to 3 available options:

  • In a manually removable box or container
  • In a box or container with automatic removal (conveyor belt)
  • By pneumatic conveyor to the consumption point
imagen detalle máquina POWDER DS MIcrodosificador PRO
imagen POWDER DS plano general micros
imagen máquina POWDER DS MIcrodosificador PRO


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