Conveying Systems

POWDER DS offers 3 different conveying technologies:

TD Series

Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag chain conveyors (also known as a drag conveyors and disc conveyors) of POWDER DOSING SYSTEMS is a closed conveyor system, composed of tubes, which hold inside circular discs linked by a chain or a cable. The discs convey the product using an automatic chain or cable tensioner and a gear unit.

The system can load from more than one silo, hopper or bulk bag and unload in several points on the route. Thanks to its design and the different elements in the installation, it is easy and quick to install.

POWDER DS has designed an automatic system of the TD series that feeds flour mills and hoppers, using the drag conveyor technology. This equipment results in great savings in manual operation time, optimises filling amounts, enables increased productivity and reduces maintenance of the installations.

TP Series

Pneumatic Conveyors

POWDER DS has two systems of pneumatic conveyors, according to the needs of the installation: conveyors by suction or by pressure.

Conveying by suction in the TPF series has a pump that creates a vacuum in the tubing at the end of the installation and enables the transport of different ingredients to a single final hopper to be dosed according to the recipe or formula recorded in the control and management system.

POWDER DOSING SYSTEMS pressure conveying system consists of a pressure pump, at the beginning of the route, and enables the components to be transported to different destinations.

POWDER DS offers the solution to filling hoppers and flour mills in the production lines, using a mobile pneumatic conveyor of the TPM series, that enables the product to be sifted and loaded in any location in the plant, facilitating the work of the operator and optimising space. This equipment can be adapted to different spaces and functions according to needs.

TPM Series
sistema de transporte neumático móbil
TPF Series
sistema de transporte neumático TPF de Powder DS
TS Series

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors (also known as screw transport or spiral conveyors), are the most adequate conveyor systems for short distances and are normally used to handle solid products, in powder or granulated form.

The system consists of a geared motor, a screw inside a conduit, which by rotating and its helical shape, moves the ingredients to the unloading system.

POWDER DS also offers a mobile solution with this type of conveyor, to fill hoppers and flour mills located high up, thanks to the screw elevator of the TS series, which in addition to facilitating the loading operation, enables the product to be sifted before dosing.



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Drag chain conveyor

Pneumatic conveyor

Screw conveyor

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