DBB Series

DBB – Bulk Bag Discharger

Equipment for automatically unloading and dosing bulk bags, with different unloading solution. The DBB series offers a sealed system as well as the possibility of sealing the bulk bag once open for subsequent unloading.

Technical specifications

Dimensions of the installation
  • L: 1.440 mm
  • W: 1.440 mm
  • H: 4.825 mm
Maximum load capacity

2.000 kg

Power consumption

1 kW

1. Sealed system

POWDER DS DBB series equipment, offers a sealing system for the bulk ag to be completely sealed together with the unloading hopper, thus avoiding any leaks of the product.

2. Capacity to unload up to half and to seal

Our technology enables you to unload a bulk bag up to a certain amount, which by means of a special valve, the operator can stop the passage of the product until it is completely sealed. The equipment has been designed to be able to store the bulk bag, without leaks, for a new uploading.

3. Ease of use

Series DBB equipment adapts to clients’ technical needs; they can incorporate hoisting equipment with a single-rail hoist together with a cross brace for positioning and holding the bulk bag or allow the use of a forklift to raise and position the sack inside.

4.Personalisation of unloading

POWDER DS equipment can incorporate different unloading systems, adapting to the needs of each ingredient (Rotating valve, screw, drag chain conveyor, pneumatic conveyor)

5. Multiple solutions

POWDER DS DBB series equipment can incorporate different technical solutions to improve productivity or to adapt a to the specific requirements of the different ingredients.

  • Vibrating bottom to speed up the unloading if needed.
  • pneumatic vibration or fluidification system for products that easily clump together.
  • Different weighing systems to measure the amount dosed.
  • Diverse extraction systems according to the application.
Added value


POWDER DOSING SYSTEM offers different solutions for unloading bulk bags, solutions that adapt to different bag formats, to the characteristics of the products stored and the technological needs of our clients.

POWDER DS engineers, aware of our clients’ processes, have designed a Bulk Bag discharger system that is simple and effective, adaptable to the different needs of the industry.

imagen detalle producto POWDER DS Descargador de Big Bags
imagen POWDER DS plano Tolva aspiración DBB
imagen detalle producto POWDER DS Descargador de Big Bags


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